Some of the medications that we infuse are Abraxane, Alimta, Avastin, Carboplatin, Cisplatin, Cyramza,  Dacogen, Darzalex, Doxorubicin, Elitek, Erbitux, Etoposide, Feraheme, Fluorouracil, Gemzar, Halaven, Herceptin, Infed, IVIG, Iron, Keytruda, Lartruvo, Ocrevus, Opdivo, Oxaliplatin, Paclitaxel, Reclast, Rituxan, Soliris, Vectibix, Velcade, Vincristine, Yervoy, Zaltrap, Zometa - please contact our office for other medications


We offer a wide range of oncology and hematology services, including chemotherapy infusion in our state of the art infusion suite. Please call our office to schedule an appointment, and we'll address your needs from there.

Some injections we administer are ​Faslodex, Granix, Neulasta  Procrit, Retacrit, Zario, Zientenzo, Prolia, Sandostatin, Xgeva - please contact our office for other medications

If you have chemotherapy by infusion, the medication is delivered by an infusion "pump," entering your bloodstream through a needle

​​Chemotherapy - Infusion